Novel way to get people read books

But the next time you buy a book, make sure you pick one with a higher price because it might earn you a fortune. To encourage reading and book-buying among people, City-based Srushti Kalalayam launched the “Lucky Book Kannada” campaign.

Anyone who buys a Kannada book with a minimum price of Rs 50 from any book store, or any publisher across the State, is eligible to take part in the campaign. He/she should post the original book purchase receipt to the office of Srushti Kalalayam in Bangalore. On receiving the receipt, a lucky coupon is sent to the owner of the book. The participant receives one coupon for a purchase of book worth Rs 50 which means the higher the price of the book the more the number of coupons.

The 40-day-long campaign was launched on September 20 and will end on November 30. Till now, close to four lakh coupons have been distributed to participants across the State.

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