A worthy start to the season

Fruity Fervour

All set : The fruit mixing ceremony in progress.

It was a wonderful initiative to begin the festive season of Christmas with the idea of charity. It was a wonderful evening of cheer and merriment analogous to the festivity surrounding Christmas.

The evening began with the auction in the presence of Rubi Chakravarthi, who motivated the guests to increase their bids, so much so that an extra sixth cake was introduced for people to bid on. Needless to say that the people of Bangalore were more than generous. Up to Rs 40,500 was officially raised at the auction.

Sources at the hotel claimed that there were other good samaritans, who refused to participate in the auction but believed in the cause of charity, and hence donated anonymously raising the tally to Rs 58,000.

Namratha G, the highest bidder at the auction, said that she would be giving away the amount to Tirupathi.

“I am giving it away to lord as he will know what to do with it,” she added. “I love the initiative. It is amazing and really innovative. I strongly believe that joy should be in everyone’s life and if we can bring joy in someone’s life, why not?” she asked.

The hotel also gave away small tokens of gratitude to the bidders. What followed was the all important fruit mixing ceremony where the guests adorned their chef hats, aprons and gloves to do some serious mixing for the upcoming festive season.

Madhu Krishnan, the executive chef of the restaurant, said, “There are over 100 kilos of fruits and the fruits will remain in spice mix and liquor for a while before we use them in our Christmas cakes. This mixture forms the secret recipe which is used in all our cakes.”

Raisins and a variety of other dry fruits, along with the choicest liquor, were thoroughly mixed by the guests. The table appeared small for the guests, who got their hands dirty and joined in the frenzy enthusiastically.

A couple of coins, that were thrown into the mixture, kept the enthusiasm going and the person who got them was given complementary goodies by the hotel. The evening ended with high tea.

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