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Animal movements

Every day, millions of creatures are born into a life on the march, on the wing, on the run. They are migrants. Born to Move spans the globe, revealing four of the most remarkable animal movements: sperm whales travelling over a million miles in a lifetime; red crabs overcoming horrific obstacles on a daily basis; monarch butterflies taking four generations to cross a continent; and wildebeest, every year rising above the gaping jaws of ravenous crocodiles. This show on National Geographic reveals these stories in unprecedented fashion. This three-year production, filmed around the globe with cutting-edge technology delivers gripping stories of birth, death, struggle and renewal. Watch the show on tonight at 10 pm.

Real life issues

Imagine TV plans to come with another show that tackles a real life issue — reservation or quotas in our education system. The show titled Armanon ka Balidaan — Aarakshan deals with a sensitive issue of quota system and its effect on the youngsters. Talking about the concept of the show Saurabh Tewari, Head of Fiction Programming, Imagine TV says “This is the first time that we are trying a concept like this because the reservation issue has been in discussion but was never shown to the audience in this manner as it is very sensitive.” He adds further, “The story is about a middle class family who has lost their son (who set himself on fire) fighting against this issue. The incident took place in 1990 but the family is still in the trauma.”

A new avatar

Have you ever wondered what Lord Krishna would do if he had to cope with demanding teachers and homework without using his powers? Discover the answer as Cartoon Network transports the greatest prankster of the divine realm to the modern world with its latest animated series Roll No 21. Watch Lord Krishna as Kris, clueless about the mortal ways of existence, tackle teachers, friends and homework with a little help from his school buddies, Radha and Sudama. Tune in to Cartoon Network at 5 pm every weekend and catch the greatest prankster on earth in action!

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