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To Whom it may concern
Priscila Uppal
Penguin, 2010, pp 342,350
This book is a refreshing take on love, compassion and torment about a modern family. It is a modern multicultural King Lear of Shakespeare.

The Man With Enormous Wings
Esther David
Penguin, 2010, pp 122, 199
The powerful vignettes in this book explore the event of 2002 that changed the city of Ahmedabad forever and the silent lament of a man whose non-violence lessons once guided the city stained with blood now.

Finding delhi
Edited by Bharati Chaturvedi
Penguin, 2010, pp 171, 350
It is a chronicling of contemporary Delhi — the nature of its reinvention and the effects of its personality shift to meet  ‘world-class’ standards.

Playing with the Children of the forest
Ksheerasagar translated by Nandini Srinivasan
National Folklore  Support Centre, 2010, pp102, 250
This is a delightful glimpse of the life of Jenukuruba childen on the fringes of forests near HD Kote, Karnataka.

Building a World-class civil service
for the 21st century India
S K Das
Oxford, 2010, pp 269, 675
In today’s times India is competing globally for its governance structures, this book underscores the need for creating a modern civil service, with best practices overseas, in the private sector and contemporary management techniques.

Skin Deep - An inside out approach to looking good naturally
Aparna Santhanam
Harper Collins, 2010, pp 240, 199
This is a health guide for those who need to know all about the skin to make it glow and healthy.

The F-Word
Mita Kapur
Harper Collins, 2010, pp 248 , 599
It is an account of a working woman who spends most of her time juggling family, friends, long distance phone calls and food. This book is also packed with seriously good recipes to suit every taste, however conservative or weird.

A Journey
Tony Blair
Random House, 2010, pp 719, 1816
It is a book about the nature and uses of political power where Tony Blair explores the challenges of leadership .

Golf and the game of Leadership
Donald E McHugh
Orient Paperbacks, 2010, pp 238, 295
This is about hitting quality shots in the leadership  game from wherever your responsibility lies.

Children of a better God
Susmita Bagchi translated by Bikram K Das
Penguin, 2010, pp 238, 250
A touching tale of sheer courage and positive spirit of children with lifelong disability inspite of challenges.

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