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thrilling A scene from the movie.Working his way out

HBO presents Simon Sez on November 29 at 9 pm. The movie stars Dennis Rodman and Dane Cook.

Dennis, plays Simon, an agent who’s hired by bumbling private eye Nick (played by Dane Cook) to bring back the daughter of a wealthy American executive who has been kidnapped.

Simon is the right man for the job because what Simon says, people tend to listen. But his latest assignment will bring him to hell and back before he can successfully deliver the goods.

First, he needs to work his way through an intricate web of relationships that make up the kidnapping players — an arms dealer and his lethal bodyguard, a potpourri of evil hooligans, a Swedish kick-boxing vixen and two cybermonks. Simon says he has met his match.

 Of extraordinary travel

Favourite hosts Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro  and Megan Mc Cormick — together with some of their like-minded friends bring ‘Globe Trekker’ with an inspirational destination guide to the planet. Synonymous with carefree, out-of-the-ordinary travel, Globe Trekker explores some of the world’s most unique sites and cities and delves beneath the surface to discover time-honoured traditions.  Watch Globe Trekker on November 29 at 9 pm on TLC. 

Moment of truth

The New Inventors delves into the creative world of design and invention — ushering in news bytes and trade secrets from emerging artists who have been burrowing away in their studios, sheds, laboratories and kitchens.

Counting down to the final moments of truth, these budding inventors, innovators and designers are all holding their breath as their designs are evaluated based on the merits of originality, design qualities, manufacturing potential, pricing, marketability, safety and the critical ‘need’ factor. The New Inventors airs on November 29 at 8 pm on Discovery Science.

 Answering tough questions

Halfway through this century, 75 per cent of the global population will live in cities.
The citizens of this sprawling, ever-growing metropolises will burn the resources like food, water and energy at a rate far outpacing that of people living in non-urban areas.
Such mass consumption will result in a very large carbon footprint and large amounts of waste which, most scientists agree, will speed global warming and pollute cities to the point that each is almost impossible to live in.

In Discovery Channel’s premiere series Ecopolis, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr Daniel Kammen investigates visionary, echnology-driven solutions to future mega-city challenges such as food production, water access, energy, waste management and transportation.  The programme airs on November 29 at 9 pm.

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