Tweak and turn it right

What’s more is that the market is flooded with what is known as fashion jewellery which is made out of various inexpensive materials like terracotta, jute, chunky beads, feather, fabric, plastic, wood, shells, bone, glass, leather and paper pulp, which are not only trendy, durable but affordable too. You could match your outfit with jewellery and change them whenever you want to.

Metrolife spoke to jewellery designer Ria Joseph, who has created what is called the scarf or stole jewellery. What’s interesting about this piece is that it can be worn as a scarf around the neck and even as a belt around the waistline. “It can be worn around one’s neck like a stole where you could use different kinds of knots to make it look funky.
It can also be worn around one’s neck like a smart necklace. And it doubles up as a waist belt as well,” explains Ria.

But what inspired Ria to create something as unique as a scarf jewellery? She says she tries innovative ways with just about any piece of jewellery she lays her hands on. Even a simple piece of thread would ignite her imagination. “I thought of experimenting with tones of different looks in order to create my own groove. I just realised that there are so many cool ways to tweak simple outfits to get variations in looks. With this accessory, one can even transform a plain blue tee and jeans into something amazing,” she observes.

Ria’s experiments with jewellery has taught her that one can get innovative with just any piece of jewellery. Like scarf jewellery as belts. “These belts will look fabulous with a pair of jeans, a long tee, a long dress, a crushed crepe skirt... If you’re wearing a belt or a waist band like this one, try staying away from a lot of other accessories, such as big earrings and  necklaces,” she advises. Ria points out that the best way to highlight a scarf jewellery is to coordinate it with the right colours.

Talking about how the scarf jewellery lends itself to different styles, Ria says the scarf complements an Indian outfit just as well it matches a Western wear. “They can be worn with a very simple white tee and a pair of jeans and with a smart formal shirt as well. One can wear this type of accessory in conjunction with a simple pair of hoops and smart footwear,” says Ria.  

And if you are using it as a neckpiece you could wear any plain colour tunic, top, shirt or t-shirt. “The colours I have used are bright and vibrant shades of pinks, greens, blacks, reds and purple. A nice smart handbag, clutch or a ‘batwa’ is a must depending on whether it is worn with a Western or Indian outfit,” Ria sums up.

Pair it properly

Nisha, a young professional, says she picked up the scarf jewellery only for its versatility. Nisha says that she buys only those pieces of jewellery that she can wear with a variety of clothes.

“Scarf jewellery blends well with both an Indian and a Western outfit. You could wear it with a tee and jeans and on a kurta as well,” says Nisha. She’s  impressed with the different colours scarfs come in. There’s no monotony andthat offers variety. 

Nisha usually wears the scarf jewellery with a plain straight kurtas and longish tights. 

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