Inspired by the ordinary

Desi groove

in sync Jawahar and Jayesh.

It is largely a desi band that performs regional songs and music. Jawahar Raj and Jayesh, the dynamic guitar-vocalist duo and J unit (which comprise four professional music technicians) handle the orchestration, recording, sound editing, mixing, mastering and other technicalities of the J3 band.

J3 boasts of a first-of-its-kind audio novel, Intezaar. The concept of an audio novel is such that the songs are followed by a narrative.

The song and narrative form the story and provide the listener with a unique experience.
Intezaar describes the different stages of love, with the album ending with the song Intezaar, a phase all of us go through.

Jawahar is a third year engineering student and Jayesh, a working professional.
They have an age difference of ten years between them and are an unlikely duo. Jawahar is the writer and the lead guitarist and Jayesh, the vocalist.

Jawahar is a self trained guitarist and Jayesh has had formal training in Hindustani music. Talking about the inspiration for the album, Jawahar said, “Our main idea was to create something different and provide inspiration to the local talent from the City colleges to release albums in their respective colleges, a prospect not many of them indulge in.”

He also emphasised that striking a balance is essential. “Engineering will always be my career and music my passion. It is best if you never mix the two. Our jam sessions and recordings always happen after college in my case and after work in Jayesh’s case,” he added.

Their album sales are restricted only to Bangalore. When asked if that wouldn’t affect them monetarily, he said, “We are musicians who are not looking at any monetary benefits. Out of the 1500 CDs, we sold 1000 only to meet the costs of the investors, the other 500 CDs were given away complementary.”

Talking about their future projects, he said that they are launching an album in Tamil called Ounarvugal meaning ‘feelings’. The album is a journey that the main protagonist takes from Bangalore to Chennai. He hitch-hikes his way and is offered a ride by a girl and the songs are about their conversations during the course of the entire journey.

As an ending note and as a word of advice to people pursuing music, he said, “if you have the determination and really want to pursue your passion, then don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking instead create your own opportunities,”

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