How to kick alcohol addiction? ask AA

Awareness on drinking effects

Undying hate for the infant sprouted within and it took him to such a height that he developed aversion towards the whole womenfolk. Finally, he found solace in a peg or two.

This is the story of Ajay (name changed) who began the day with the bottle and slept with emptied bottle around till he came across ‘Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)’ 12 years ago.

Overcoming habit

Ajay, who has acquired a burly look now, exactly opposite of what he was earlier’ shared how he overcame boozing, at a programme organised by AA here on Sunday.

AA that is spread across the world is involved in creating awareness about the ill effects of the drinks. Recently, it completed 75 years of its existence.

Fenced around himself

Continuing his ordeal, Ajay said though living under the same roof he had put a fence around himself, cut off from others. Worse is, he had also stayed aloof from his mother and it was only during hunger pangs he spoke to her.

Strange is when Ajay fell for a woman. “I thanked god for finding a perfect match when I had tonnes of hatred towards women. And, the girl whom fell in love with was also a drinker like me”, said Ajay.

It didn’t take much time for love to burgeon and assume shape with a marriage. But there was no question of Ajay bidding adieu to liquor.

Even when he thought of finding cure for his addiction, his mind didn’t go with his brain.
When all turned worse- change of jobs, wallet going dry with nothing left to even buy a drink- Ajay decided to kill self and also slept on a railway track. Pat, he recollected his cousin’s advice- try AA, you may kill addiction.


It may sound filmy but true that the train was just a few distance away, when Ajay opted for life leaving behind death, what he had decided a few minutes ago. He walked into a meeting of AA the same day and what happened further is history. Now, Ajay is a reformed man who has shown his back to bar, since 12 years.


If not similar, the case of Arjun was not different than Ajay when it came to addiction. He was heading straight to a pub as and when worries mounted upon him.

However, after much efforts, Arjun has kicked the habit. It is already five years and now he finds himself a much relaxed man.

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