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Different: Scene from One Small Step.

The play reflected the tussle between Russia and America during the turbulent times of the 20th century.

It portrayed the condition of America and how it strived to be a super power in the world.
Although the play had only two characters, they presented different identities ranging from Russian soldiers, to American astronauts and political leaders.

The plot was ingeniously conceived by its two protagonists Oliver Millingham and Robin Hemming. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of man’s landing on the moon, the play encompassed the history of space exploration and all the human endeavours involved in it including the heroic nature of the Russian and the American army and the numerous people who lost their lives in the process.

It also reminded people of the long forgotten history of space exploration. All these aspects were presented in a satirical sense which mocked the human tendency to gain

The technical brilliance of the play is worth a mention. The entire set consisted of a beach ball, which was used as an atomic bomb; sugar pots used as space pods, and even record players of yesteryears. The most interesting part of the play was the artistes’ imitation of different accents from countries like America, Australia, Russia and Germany.

The play began with the Russians planning to launch the first spacecraft Sputnik. It also presented the first dog to be rocketed in to space.

 It later moved on to how the Americans planned to launch a spacecraft better than the spacecraft of the Russians and the political turmoil that unfolded between the two countries.

At this point, the artistes’ facial expressions, accents and body language were remarkably portrayed. The duo carried the audience through a journey packed with action and curiosity and filled with punchy dialogues and slapstick comedy.

The audience were seen laughing throughout the play. One Small Step exemplifies the fact that ‘it was a small step for the man but a giant leap for mankind’.

Veena, a professional, who was present at the play, said, “I think it was a slick production with lively action. The entire combination of satire, comedy and other elements was simply superb. The accent was something that I enjoyed the most. Technically also, the play was brilliant.”

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