HDK puts land scam ball in seer's 'court'

Asks Taralabalu seer to make an impartial judgment

On Monday, he called upon Shivamurthy Shivacharya Swamiji to hold the ‘panchayat' at the earliest, in the presence of himself and Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, to assess development works as well as corruption that have taken place in their respective tenures.

He would accept whatever verdict or punishment that the seer pronounced, the former chief minister said.

Speaking to reporters Kumaraswamy strongly criticised the advertisement released by BJP in newspapers blaming former prime minister H D Deve Gowda’s family for the land scams.

He also questioned whether publishing of such ads was in accordance with journalistic ethics and morality. Kumaraswamy said that he would write to newspaper editors in this regard and would question owners of media houses.  

But the JD(S) leader said he had no interest in filing defamation cases in this regard.
The advertisement mentions the name of his sister Shailaja. But she had not acquired any site, Kumaraswamy said.

“Yeddyurappa is taking refuge in advertisements to hide his misdeeds,” Kumaraswamy said, adding that Yeddyurappa cannot wish away his misdeeds through such acts.

He recalled that in 1984, when he had a private business in Mysore and was not into politics, he had applied for a site and that he had done so in a legal manner.

He said that if the allegation that he had held a meeting of officials on changing the map for the peripheral ring road is proved, he would retire from politics.

He also called upon seers of various mutts to make a judicious assessment of the development works that have taken place in the State in the last two and half years.

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