Gift a compass to 'guide' your child, says expert

He was delivering a talk titled “Quality of Life” at a programme organised by Rotary Club. He observed that family and peers must act as a catalyst for personality development.
He touched upon some of the barriers that hinder youngsters to achieve their goals.

He urged parents not to pressurise their children to achieve their targets.

“Give your child a compass, which gives them guidance rather than a watch which reminds them about time,”said the expert.  More than 50 members turned up for the talk organised by Rotary Club of Bangalore on Monday.

A spokesperson of the Club noted that the speaker gave a new angle to issues that are vital to the development of an individual.

V Uberoy, who attended the lecture said that the lecture provided useful pointers for the participants as well as their family.”

Empowerment from within is extremely important. Youngsters need to gain self-confidence to tap their inherent resources. The lecture had given us few tips to improve the quality of life,” he said.  He also noted that bright and talented students would be allowed to attend ‘Quality of Life’ course offered by his institute.

The course comprises lectures, case studies and group discussions. The objective of the course is to help students identify their strength, enrich their knowledge and enhance self-esteem.

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