Job codes for BBMP projects soon

New system to ensure transparency in the wake of Rs 3,500-cr work code scam

The new system will come into effect from December. Rechristened as ‘Job code,’ the tag will henceforth be issued wardwise and be made online.

Fund allocation

Under the new system, the codes will be given to projects which would match with the budgetary allocation for each ward.

The system generates job code certificates which cannot be changed or tampered with for each project in all the 198 wards. It will be programmed so as to render impossible the issue of fresh certificates once upper fund limit is reached.

In other words, every ward gets certificate depending on the funds availability and the generation of certificate would stop automatically once the upper limit is reached.

However, there is no cap on the number of projects that could be taken up by the respective corporator or ward engineers.

Each ward has been allotted funds varying from Rs two crore to Rs 10 crore. The Palike has so far issued as many as 15,000 work codes over and above the budgeted project outlay.

Programmes of work

The programmes of work submitted by the corporators to the Standing Committee on Ward Level Work have been categorised and ready for allotment of job codes.

Sources said ensuring transparency in awarding contracts was the prime objective in revamping the code system.

“The system enables to keep a tab on any project at any given time during the financial year,” a source said.

If any ward has projects over and above its fund limit, a system has been put in place for the corporator to bring the issue before the Standing Committee on Ward Level Work on priority basis, and then to the Standing Committee on Finance before seeking final approval from the Commissioner.

However, spillover projects continue under the same job code and fresh projects will be given different codes.

The Palike would put the job code online so that citizens can scrutinise and monitor development projects in their respective wards.

Code procedure

* Job codes to match with budgetary allocation
* Code certificate generation stops automatically after upper limit is reached
* Spillover projects continue under same code
* Codes to put online for public monitoring of projects.
* New system from December

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