India, China marching ahead in hi-tech manufacturing: US

India, China marching ahead in hi-tech manufacturing: US

"Will we maintain America's innovation leadership, or are we going to fall behind? And I would say, let's seize this opportunity and we really can't afford not to," US Energy Secretary Steven Chu said at the National Press Club here yesterday.

In less than 15 years, China has moved from 14th place to second place in published research articles, now just behind the United States, he noted.

"Eight of the 10 global companies with the largest R and D budgets in the world are establishing R and D facilities in China or India or both. And 77 per cent they will build in China and India," Chu said referring to the facts taken from 'Rising Above the Gathering Storm, Revisited'. 2010.

American company, Applied Materials, recently opened the world's largest private solar R and D facility in China, he said, adding that there is other evidence of Chinese innovation, particularly in the energy field.

China has installed the largest, highest-voltage- capacity, lowest-loss high-voltage DC lines and high-voltage AC lines in the world now. And it has plans for an integrated high-voltage DC/high-voltage AC backbone.

It has broken ground now on 30 new nuclear reactors of the roughly 50 being built in the world, Chu said.

The United States is building two new reactors, he noted and said there is an opportunity to collaborate with India and China.

"We have much to collaborate with China, India and other countries. Why? In the next two decades, China is going to be building a new infrastructure of buildings, cities, roads, transmission lines, equivalent to the entire infrastructure of the United States," he said.
"In 2030, what India will look like in 2030 doesn't exist -- 80 per cent of what it has today -- what it will have in 2030 doesn't exist today. Eighty per cent of that infrastructure is yet to be built. And so these countries present new markets. They also present a means, a laboratory, to see, okay, we can test it. This is going to work," he said.

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