Emotions in motion

Mellifluous Notes

soulful Ravichandra Kulur playing the flute.

The evening began with Supratik Sengupta’s sitar recital. Accompanying Sengupta was Sanjay Adhikari on the tabla. He started with Bilambit Teen Taal, a traditional composition in Marwa raag. It lasted for about 20 minutes and was soothing to the ears.  

He then moved on to Drut Teen Taal, a composition by Buddhadeb Dasgupto which evoked the mood of the audience. Sanjay and Supratik created magic on the tabla and sitar leaving the audience mesmerised. The next round of the concert was a vocal recital by Vidushi Subhra Guha, one of the finest Thumri singers in the country and a leading vocalist.  

She sang three compositions, the first being khayal in Chhayanat raag. This was an astounding piece which had an impeccable impact on the audience. She sang the high and low octaves with great ease. Her second piece was a Bandish in Khamaj raag in which she sang, Ey sakhi saiya ki suratiya and Niki na jana mora man.

She also sang a Thumri in Mishra Pilu raag which received great applause from the audience. Her precision over the rhythm and the notes was very impressive. She was accompanied by Priya and Ranjitha on the tambura, Sanjay Adhikari on the tabla and Pandit Jyothi Guha on the harmonium.

Up next was the most awaited flute recital by Ravichandra Kulur. Known for his mellifluous and enchanting ways of playing the flute, Kulur played the tunes much to the awe and excitement of the audience. He began with the varnam in Aabhogi raag, then moved on to the pallavi.

He played another composition in Lathangi raag, Hare Rama Govinda Murare. The prowess over the composition he played truly captivated the audience. This soulful rendition evoked a mélange of different emotions.

On the violin was N N Ganesh Kumar, Tumkur B Ravi Kiran on the mrudangam, and Guru Prasanna on the khanjira who accompanied Ravichandra Kulur. Each of the artistes played in tune with the flautist bringing in different levels of musical brilliance.

Hemanth Kumar, a chartered accountant who was present at the concert, was overwhelmed by the performance. “I completely sunk myself in the ocean of music. It is infinite and indefinable to express what I feel when I listen to such pieces. I think music is one of the greatest gifts given by God to mankind. It is an elixir in itself,” he said. The concert concluded with a vocal recital by Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar.

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