It's a fair of incredible fare

Groundnut treat

traditional Heaps of groundnuts at the fair.

And the Bull Temple Road in Basavanagudi is in a festive spirit. As part of the ritual, the groundnut growers from all over the State as well as from the neighbouring states, offer the first groundnut yield to the deity bull here.

Heaps of groundnuts are spread all across the street. Thousands of people visit the place to offer prayer at  the temple, to buy groundnuts or any of the items on sale and just to get a glimpse of the five-century-old tradition.

No wonder, traffic is a mess out here and all the side roads are a chock-a-block.
Along the footpath, one can notice different varieties of groundnuts ranging from roasted, cooked, raw and salted. Ramaswami from Andhra Pradesh says that this is the third time he is selling groundnuts here.

“Earlier my father used to come here with the first yield and my brother and I would accompany him when we were kids. We have a belief that once we sell groundnuts here, we will have good business. I reserved my place two days before the fair,” he informs.
Hordes of people are seen ambling down the street to have a look at what this year’s fair has in store for them.

Vijay Shinde, a retired employee, says that he has been attending the fair since his childhood.

 “It’s an annual ritual to offer prayers to the Basavanna on the last Monday of Karthika Maasa and bring home groundnuts. As I am witnessing, the fair is becoming popular year after year. It’s one of the rarest kind of rituals in the country,” he says.

Apart from the Kadlekai vendors, there were sellers of all sorts of items ranging from plastic and wooden toys, mehendi patterns, one gram jewellery, sweets, accessories, kurtas and what not. Kids are enjoying the joy ride and the merry-go-round.

Anuj, a student was seen hanging out with his friends munching raw groundnuts.
“We finished our semester exams today and came here straight away. We have purchased many things along with groundnuts. Moreover, the experience of walking in the midst of crowd is a different experience,” he says.

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