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OtherInbox can help regain control of your Inbox by automatically organising email clutter.  Acclaimed as a cure for email overload, OtherInbox organises emails from online shopping and social networking sites, enabling you to focus on messages which really matter to you. Acting like a personal assistant for Gmail or Yahoo! Mail the OtherInbox’s spam filter moves the stuff you do not want to read immediately into folders –  the preset labels or folders have “OIB” at the beginning; for example – OIB Finance, etc.

This leads to no clutter, your Inbox gets smaller, saves them time and gives you control over your Inbox. Nothing would be missed as each morning you’ll receive a daily digest that summarises the messages which reached your inbox the previous day.  To put your email on autopilot, check out the OtherInbox at  www.otherinbox.com/


FocusWriter is a full screen, distraction-free word processor. It helps you to concentrate more on work by taking care of the mundane activities which you otherwise would have to carry out, time and again. 

The features include: autosaving – austosaves your work in progress and reloads the last files opened to make it easy to get back to where you were; hide-away interface – simply drag your mouse to the top, bottom, or right side edges of the screen to gain access to a number of customizable options and useful information, flick them aside whenever you don't need them; themes: multiple environments to create an ambiance or inspiration you require; live statistics – word count, paragraph count, page count, and character count; spell checking – optional automatic spell check (on by default), enable or disable to customise your own personal dictionary; and document tabs  –  files appear as tabs located at the bottom of the program, the saved files which are kept opened at the end of  the session are reloaded the next time the programme is launched.

The The 9 MB FocusWriter v1.3.0 can be downloaded at http://gottcode. org/focuswriter/FocusWriter_1.3.1.zip, and for Mac OS X at http://gottcode. org/focuswriter/FocusWriter_1.3.1.dmg


Weebly, named one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites of the year, could prove to be a good choice to create classroom websites, student e-portfolios, and websites for assigned projects.

Students can express themselves creatively by using a variety of multimedia features, all within a protected environment which a teacher can control. The powerful multimedia features can help students to add pictures, videos, audio players, documents, maps, and photo, just by drag and drop.

Weebly supports Flexible Blogging – an unlimited number of blogs within the website, has features to let an open, moderated, or closed conversation. Class updates, homework assignments and news for parents can be posted. You have options to either purchase a domain directly within Weebly, or configure a domain that you already own, and host your website for free. More details at www.weebly.com


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