Imagination is not reality

What happens in your mind is not in your control which is why your happiness and your unhappiness constantly fluctuate in compulsive reaction to what is happening around you.

You can’t run the world the way you want it to, so at least run your dream the way you want it. Then you will naturally keep yourself very pleasant and wonderful.

In yoga, we say man is ill only because he does not know how to be still. Your mental activity is non-stop. In such a state you will not know anything. What you think, is only a psychological process; it is not an existential process - it need not have anything to do with reality at all.

The way you think right now essentially comes from the social influences that are acting upon you because the human mind is just an imitation of the outside. This is how cultures, traditions, religions and belief systems are built. Once you get into the mode of imitation, the possibility of perceiving everything your own way, of looking at life the way it is, is lost.

Perception means seeing everything the way it is and not forming opinions or ideas about something and distorting it. When you imitate, you make an assumption that in the past, people have perceived it in the right way. This leads to a certain social comfort because you fit into the culture well but it does not lead to a deeper experience of life.

Nothing of a spiritual nature comes into a person's life by this. So in this culture, we did not attach too much importance to your thought; we don't care what you think. But in the West, somebody told you, "I think therefore I am;" that is senseless. You can think only because you exist, isn't it? But the thought process has been made so important and you are so enamoured with your own petty creation - your thoughts and emotions, that you have completely missed the creator's creation; that is the reality.

All the grandeur of creation is completely absent in the human mind. Right now, what you think and feel is more important than the fabulous dance of the cosmos that is

So if you want to know the nature of this existence - the creator's creation, which is not of your making, you must keep your creation aside because it is of no consequence; otherwise you can spend a lifetime doing a circus with your creation but it won't get you anywhere.

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