Gas Adalat: Consumers take officials to task

Consumers making a point at the gas adalat held at Ullal on Tuesday.  DH Photo

Gas Adalat was held at Ullal on Tuesday to hear the problems pertaining to gas supply in Ullal area. Though there are 19,000 domestic gas users in Ullal area only a few members took part in the adalat. However the few who attended the Adalat made their voice heard.

Residents complained that no information was given to the consumers about the adalat and since there was absolutely no news that such an adalat is being held, very few people turned up for the Adalat.

“Such adalats have been held even in the past in the presence of elected representatives. What happens here is that the officials say that they will set right the problem and then forget it. Our problems are never solved. What is the need of such an eye wash,” questioned Mohommad Salam, a resident.

He said that in case the gas is not delivered on time and if consumers question the agency, they behave rudely with the consumers. Salam’s view was endorsed by many consumers who brought to the notice of the officials specific cases where gas agency employees have behaved rudely with them.

Consumer Kabeer said that in Ullal town the gas is delivered after 21 days of booking but it is not the same in interior and outskirts. There gas is delivered only after 35 days. “Why this disparity,” questioned Kabeer.

Two consumers said that the gas cylinder which has been priced at Rs 357 by the Government is being sold by the agencies at much higher price. “When we question them about this, they say they have to add transport cost. Why are we being looted in this way. We have no other go. Hence we are forced to buy the cylinders at whatever cost they opt to sell it,” they said.

One of the participants said that his is a 17 member joint family but yet additional cylinders are not provided to him. Responding to this officials said that additional cylinders can be provided if all the members’ names are mentioned in the ration card.
When the officials failed to answer several questions raised by the customers, the participants took officials to task.

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