Another complaint against Roy, Geelani

The complainants, Chandrashekar K S, Shrirangaiah and Rohith B J accused the three of making inciteful statements at a seminar organised in New Delhi on October 21 by Kashmiri separatists on the topic ‘Azadi: The only way’. The seminar was organised by the CRPP.

The complainants state that S A R Geelani, the Working President of CRPP began the speech by inciting the Kashmiri people to demand ‘azadi’ or independence from Indian state.

Later Arundhati Roy said that Kashmir has never been an integral part of India and that India was an upper caste Hindu state waging a continuing struggle against the people.

Further, the complaint states that Roy said Kashmir needs ‘azadi’ from India as much as India needs ‘azadi’ from Kashmir. She further stated that the bows and arrows in the hands of the adivasis or stones of the Kashmiris alone were not enough.

Syed Geelani in his talk stated that they have been demanding ‘azadi’ in the face of naked oppression, and they would continue fighting for it till it is achieved.

The complainants have submitted that the crime being committed has been done in the most deliberate and intentional manner.

Counsel for the complainants, Prasanna Deshpande said that the complaints sought for the court to take cognisance under sections 121, 121-A, 124A, 153 AND 505(1), 505(2), 511 of IPC.

They have prayed that the Court summon the accused persons in the court of law and prosecute them for various offences and direct the Commissioner of Police to investigate the matter under the relevant sections.

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