Water scarcity hits C'magalur

Few residents did not get water for last 10 days

Many labourers are seen waiting near the water pipes leaving their jobs. Some are seen waiting in queue in front of water taps to get a bucket of water in the evening. Some have been getting a meagre amount that fills up to two to three buckets and some get water only for half an hour. In fact, even children are seen waiting for water near the water tanks.
Women carrying water in push carts from one ward to another is a common scene while school children are seen carrying pots to get water after returning from schools.


Speaking to Deccan Herald, K S Geetha Sundar of Basavanahalli said: “We have been facing severe shortage of water for the last eight days. CMC has released water three days ago and we could collect only 10 pots of water. We are struggling for water daily.”

Neela, another housewife said: “We do not get water even if we are ready to pay. We have informed private water suppliers three days in advance to supply water. Vijayapura extension is suffering from severe water crunch for the last seven days. “We have not received water for the last 10 days,” said Gowrikaluve resident Rudresh. “CMC officials have been claiming that water is being supplied through tankers. However, we do not know where the tanker goes,” they added.

Water leakage

CMC President K Srinivas said that there is severe water crisis in some of the extensions. Water is being leaking at four places. The leakage will be stopped. One motor is being repaired and another will be repaired on Thursday, he said.

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