Impressive parade marks 250th ASC Corps Day

The parade was commanded by Brigadier Arvind Katoch, Commandant of the ASC Centre (South), Bangalore. Lieutenant General G S Dhillon, Director General of Supplies and Transport reviewed the parade.

Eight marching contingents, one horse mounted contingent and one animal transport pack column of smartly dressed soldiers, horses and mules, all in ceremonial yellow and blue coloured bands on their waists and spotless white spats, marched proudly to the martial tunes.

The marching spirit and brisk drill movements were steered by the military tunes played by ASC brass and pipe bands. Guests and participants included former Director Generals of ASC, ex-Commandants of ASC Centre and College, retired and serving senior officers, retired and serving junior commissioned officers and those in other ranks. 

Eighteen ‘Veer Naris’ of ASC fraternity from all over the country were invited to participate in the 9th reunion function. As a gesture of honour, a memento and a cash award were presented to each of the ‘Veer Naris.’ 

This was followed by the release of the latest edition of the book ‘Foot Prints and Milestones,’ which contains the rich history of the 250 glorious years of the Army Service Corps. A First Day Cover, specially designed to commemorate the historic occasion was released by Lt Gen GS Dhillon, DGST and Senior Colonel Commandant, ASC in the presence of Lt Col M Karuppaiah of the Indian Postal Services.

The Tornadoes then took centre stage, performing acrobatic stunts on motorcycles. This team had entered the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ on December 7, 2000, when they made a human pyramid of 181 men on 11 motorcycles. The team also holds the Guinness Record for being the fastest group of men forming a pyramid of 15 men on three motorcycles.

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