The Beauty of Animals....

God has given us a big brain and He has given animals a small brain. However, in spite of having a small brain, animals use their brain for good things. We on the other hand, having a big brain use it for mostly bad things.

Animals always remember the good things and we remember mostly the bad. For example, if we give a biscuit to a dog, then the next time it remembers and comes back again.

However, if someone hits us, then the next time, we remember to hit them back. Animals don't harm us unless they think that we are going to harm them. Sometimes, we are the ones who harm them but they don't harm us in return.

Animals always share food with each other but we hide food from each other. A crow calls its friends when it finds some food. After animals eat food they don't mind if any other animal eats the same food. However, we are so selfish that we never share food but hide it from each other so that we can eat it again.

So, don't you think it's time we learn these good ways of animals and be more sharing and caring?

Aditi Arun (7 years)
NFS, Bangalore

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