There was cold war on the sets: 'Band Baaja...' star Ranveer

There was cold war on the sets: 'Band Baaja...' star Ranveer

There was cold war on the sets: 'Band Baaja...' star Ranveer

Ranvir singh and Anushka sharma- File photo

Ranveer comes across as a confident 'desi' boy from Delhi in his debut film, but the actor says that he was apprehensive when he started the film's shoot.

The entire setup in front of the camera was quite alien to him and he was minding his steps, especially the ones where he had match them with his leading lady.

"Honestly, it took some time for both of us to settle down in each other's company. Yes, there was some friction to begin with as we didn't know each other too well. What also came between us is that she is such a strong personality," Ranveer told PTI.

Ranveer plays the role of a wedding planner along with Anushka in the film, which releases on December 10.

Anushka already had two releases (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Badmaash Company) and a complete film (Patiala House) to her name, and is a senior in comparison to Ranveer.

"What played on in my mind was that she had already acted with Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Shahid Kapoor. Since each of them is an established actor, I was very curious to know that how would she work with me and whether she would be making any change in her persona for me," said the debutante.

What followed next was a brief period of discomfort and awkwardness due to which it too some time for ice to be broken between the two youngsters.

"She used to think that I am mad while I thought that she was very high headed. There was this cold un-stated tussle that we had. Later when we spent more time on the sets, I ended up realising that she was quite cool while she too was convinced that I wasn't that insane after all," said Ranveer.

"I guess the earliest reactions are the most important of all as they pave the way for future. I had never faced a camera before and had mainly been an assistant behind it. I realised during 'Band Bajaa Baaraat' that making cinema as an actor is a different ballgame altogether," said the actor.

Thankfully for him, director Maneesh understood his point of view and was ready with valuable inputs and feedback after every scene.

"One gets to hear all kind of reactions from people around you but ultimately, it is the director who matters most. My yardstick was dependant upon the approval of my director. I just wanted to know whether Maneesh was happy with a scene of mine of not. Once he said he was happy, I was happy as well," said the actor.