Santa's nose has run away?

Santa's nose has run away?

Santa's nose has run away?

And you don't need to be a Christian to enjoy the spirit of this festival. Rather than hit the malls to buy your X'mas decorations, you can have loads of fun making them. And put them up, as and when they're ready. So, gradually, over a period of 2-3 weeks, your home can get to look more and more festive. Let's start off.


You know the X'mas colours -red and dark green. So pick up many sheets of crepe paper in these 2 colours. Alternatively (since I find crepe paper a bit expensive), you could lay out sheets of newspaper on the floor, and after mixing out a slightly watery mixture (i.e., not too thick, since using paint directly from a tube consumes too much, too quickly!) of red and green paint, liberally paint out the sheets.

Leave one side of the sheets to dry, flip them over and paint the other. You'll soon have many sheets of double spread newspaper in red and green. You can cut these horizontally into strips, and use cello tape to attach more and more stripes together.

When you have long enough strips, put them up. Here's a trick: don't try to fill up a whole room at once. Use streamers cleverly over doorways, windows or show-cases. The room will look instantly festive (without too much hard work!).


The prickly leaves and red berries of the Holly tree that grows in the UK and other parts of northern Europe, is a part of all X'mas decorations. Some Christians associate the thorny leaves of the tree with the crown of thorns Christ had to wear on the cross.

On the 'green' newspaper sheets you've made, draw out one template of a sprig of holly. Fold over the paper a number of times and cut out the template -you'll immediately get many 'copies' of holly leaves. These can be stuck on walls with tape. (remember to add a few red berries to each sprig.

A nose-less Santa!

This is just a fun game to play before and during X'mas --where we turn Santa into a donkey! Not exactly…instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, we'll pin on a red, frost-bitten nose to Santa's face.

So make a fairly big face of Santa on chart paper and have fun colouring in the red parts. Remember to leave him nose-less! Make out a set of bright red noses, and have fun blindfolding friends and family as you all try out 'Fixing Santa's Nose'! And you can play this every day after you've got it ready…there's no need to wait for the 25th of December.

Have fun, and do put on your thinking caps to come up with more 'home-made' X'mas ideas.