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Adventure : The Big HitFishing for trouble

HBO presents The Big Hit on December 10 at 9 pm. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Antonio Sabato Jr and Christina Applegate.

Melvin, Cisco and Vince team up as hit men who decide to engage in a little kidnapping on the side. Unfortunately, the simple job turns into a world of trouble when they discover who their kidnap victim is — their boss’ goddaughter.

A wild escapade

 Kalvakra is a mighty asura, so merciless and cruel that he is regarded as a living devil.

Kalvakra’s power is on the rise and his army is on a rampage, taking prisoners at will and taking them back to their kingdom to work as slaves.

Find out how Krishna and Balram, along with Radha, undertake the journey by sea to Kalvakra’s island kingdom, upset Kalvakra’s plans to capture them, manage to free their friend Udho and get him safely back to Vrindavan.

Foreseeing death

Mystery : A scene from One Missed Call. WB presents One Missed Call on December 10 at 9 pm. The movie stars Shannyn Sossamon, Edward Burns and Ana Claudia Talancon.

It begins innocently enough, a call unanswered on a cell phone.

But what happens when the voice mail is in your own voice saying ‘three days in the future’ and the sound you hear is your own as you are being murdered?

It starts with one call. But that’s not the end in this bone-chilling tale of terror. Should you pick up the cell phone? Can you do anything to change your fate? Do you want to know the time, place and way you are going to die?

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