Of life and death

Based on a novel by H S Venkatesh Murthy, the movie traces the life of a man who is torn apart after his parents’ death.

A software engineer returns from United States only to lose his parents to a freak accident. He feels there’s no meaning to life. “The young man is extremely shattered and loses interest in life. The story traces the transformation that takes place in him.

How he comes to terms with the loss and copes with it? is the crux of the story,” explains director Nikhil Manjoo.

Talking about his role, actor Suchendra Prasad says that he has to go through a sea of emotions. |

“I am caught in a tussle of emotions — some good and some bad. How crisis numbs a person and how one gets over that crisis is what the story is  all about,” says Suchendra who dabbled with theatre for a long time before he entered cinema.

Suchendra has just completed a film Bettada Jeeva, a novel by Shivaram Karanth. He’s also in the process of completing his directorial venture, Prabatha, which captures the life of a man from Anekal who flew a plane much before the Wright Brothers did. The movie also stars Roopa Iyer and the music has been composed by Jayashree Aravind.

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