Take Lokayukta out of govt control: Hegde

Justice Santosh Hegde

Making a case for more independence before a gathering organised by the IC Centre for Governance, an NGO here, Hegde said, “In the existing systems, the Lokayukta has to seek sanction from the government for every graft case. If the Lokayukta functioned independently, it would be easier to proceed against the corrupt officials.”

As the Karnataka government has refused to give sanction to prosecute several officials involved in more than 100 cases of corruption, the Lokayukta has failed to win its case in the court despite having credible proof.  

“Apart from this, even for additional staff we have to knock the government doors,” he said.  On the issue of export of minerals, he said it is high time the government framed a policy banning export to preserve the precious natural resources.

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