The best of 'tandoor'

The best of 'tandoor'


The best of 'tandoor'

SCRUMPTIOUS Tandoori food is enjoyed by youngsters.

Ask anyone in and around Koramangala for the best place to find tandoori khana and they will guide you to Tandoor Hut. This eatery has a lot of regular customers who come here almost every afternoon and evening. It is also a popular hangout of the students of Jyoti Nivas College.

Surupasree, a student, says, “My friends and I generally head to Tandoor Hut during lunch time as they serve good food at  affordable prices, in quick time. We enjoy the kebabs and kaati rolls there.”

“I started this place nine years ago. I always wanted to have a food joint as I was interested in it since childhood,” says Chetan Kumar, the owner. With the increase in the number of IT companies in the area, people working there have become the major customers. “College crowd has decreased as their lunch-break has been shortened but we get a lot of the IT crowd,” says Chetan.

As the name suggests, it is the place to find some of the best tandoor food, be it
tandoori chicken, tandoori paneer or any of the rotis. Chetan agrees, “Tandoori chicken is very popular and sometimes people order only that, in fact, lot of it with some soft drink.”
The dum biryani is something that one should definitely order without a second thought. Each grain of rice of this dish is finely flavoured.

Another highlight of the place is that the staff is very friendly. Though the place is located near a chain of restaurants, it is not affected by the competition. “We are not worried about any competition. We have made a mark here and are catering to a number of people. Moreover, we have our own clients who come back to us,” says Chetan.

“It is the best place to eat out in Koramangala and it offers good food for great price. It’s scrumptious!” says Neesha Premaka . Anshul Sehgal agrees, “It is one of my favourite restaurants and I love coming here. The owner and the staff are very hospitable and the food is awesome.”