Bihar to abolish MLALAD Scheme

A consensus was arrived at the Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday.

“A formal notification in this regard will be issued soon,” said Cabinet Secretary Afzal Amanullah.

“The decision to abolish legislators’ development fund was taken since the money was being misused and reports of rampant corruption in the scheme poured in frequently. I got the prior approval of NDA legislators before discussing it at the Cabinet today,” Nitish said.

Nitish has been vociferously emphasising that corruption had to be weeded out at all levels.  “Charity should begin at home. If we are launching a war against corruption, we should first set ourselves right before pointing fingers at others,” he said.

Nitish also said that he would declare his assets on his website, an example, which he hoped his colleagues would follow.

“I have decided to declare my assets before the public, the details of which will be available on my website. I have also asked my Cabinet colleagues to follow suit,” said Nitish.

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