Encroached lake to be cleared

With panchayat polls just round the corner, district administration hurries up

Dr Balasubramaniam, Government Land Protection Force president, visited the district on Wednesday.

Fingers crossed

The district administration is hoping that all would go well with its plan and the clearing would be completed before the start of the panchayat election process.

The expanse of the Kolaramma Lake has been constantly decreasing due to the encroachment. Concerned, the Janaganamana People’s Forum had submitted a memorandum two years ago. It had demanded information regarding the expanse of the lake, under the RTI Act.

It is noticeable that the clearance work has been started before the Forum was given complete information about the Kolaramma Lake.

Woken up

The taluk administration has claimed that upto 18 acres of the Kolaramma Lake have been encroached upon. A survey had been conducted six months back, in order to get information regarding the encroachment, but no measure was taken in this regard, so far.

Steps will be taken immediately to clear the encroachment on the lakes in the taluk, said tahsildar S M Mangala. “Preparations are already made to clear the encroachment of Kolaramma Lake,” she added.

The tahsildar also said that there was shortage of funds for work on identifying the boundaries of the Lake and fencing it with barbed wire.

“We shall take action as per the directions of the Deputy Commissioner,” Mangala said, speaking to Deccan Herald on Thursday.

Other lakes

Preparations will be made to clear encroachment of Kodikannur Lake also. “There are several economically backward people living in the grazing land in the area. They will need to be rehabilitated also,” Mangala added.

The encroachment of the lake in Jodikrishnapura in Holur hobli extends to 10 acres. Mango trees have been grown on the encroached area. “The lake has been marked on our maps. Therefore, the mango trees grown on the land will soon be cut down,” she said.

Encroached area

The facts and figures with the district administration show that 28,300 acres of government land in the district have been encroached upon.

The taluk-wise figures are yet to be analysed. the level and exact expanse of the encroachment will be measured starting from village levels.

“Measures to clear the encroachment will be planned once we receive information and figures regarding the encroachment of government land in each village,” said Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar Meena.

The district administration, which is facing severe criticism and also controversies for mismanagement of the Kolaramma Lake, has started work on clearing encroachment on the tank.

Revolving round the polls

Kolar Tahsildar S M Mangala told Deccan Herald that the taluk administration intended to complete the work on the Kolaramma Lake before the polls.

She added that if the administration failed to complete the work of clearing the encroachment on other lakes in the district prior to the commencement of elections, they would do so immediately after completion of the polls.

Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar Meena said that work on clearance of encroachment of government land in the district would begin only after the panchayat elections.


* 18 acres of Kolaramma Lake encroached upon.
* Six months since last measurement of expanse.
* Mango trees grown in 10 acres of the Lake.
* Encroachment in Jodikrishnapura in Holur hobli too.


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