Beware, the greens you eat are high on toxins

Beware, the greens you eat are high on toxins

The maximum permissible concentration of lead in food in Indian standards is 2.5 mg/kg. However, coriander grown on some of the lake beds has been found to have a lead concentration of 9.25 mg/kg (dry mass).

These facts came to light in a study taken up by the Department of Chemistry, Government Science College. The National Referral Centre for Lead Poisoning in India and principal advisor to Quality Council of India, Dr Tuppil Venkatesh, guided the study.

The samples collected from a Lalbagh outlet and City Market showed a lead concentration of 5.08 mg/kg.

Nugge and harave samples too were found to contain lead concentration of 2.65 mg/kg and 2.4 mg/kg, respectively. The spinach samples collected from lakes around Vrushabhavathi valley showed high concentration and those from Nayandahalli lake were found with a concentration of 8.55 mg/kg.

Truckloads of fodder extracted from the Vrushabhavathi valley had the highest level of lead concentration.

The lakes near Bellandur and Kengeri too are contaminated, the study stated.