Quirky creatures

Follow the quirky New Zealand-based entomologist Ruud Kleinpaste as he journeys the world to uncover little-known secrets about the insect world and debugs myths about various creepy-crawly species in Animal Planet’s enticing series Buggin’ With Ruud. When Madagascar split off from Africa 165 million years ago, it became a floating Noah’s Ark. Ruud hops aboard nature’s own time machine and discovers a world of weird giants, nightmarish spiders, ghostly bug predators, living fossils and newly-discovered dracula ants that drink blood of their own offspring. Watch the show on December 14 at 9 pm.

Mystery hour

Mary Cushing enlists Sherlock Holmes in investigating the disappearance of her sister, Susan. With her marriage to Jim no more, Mary finds love in Alec Fairburn, but with tragic consequences. Both Alec and Mary are murdered, their ears removed and bodies disposed of in a lake. With a friend of Mary’s being framed for the killings, only Holmes knows who the real murderer is. Tune in to Fox History & Entertainment’s ‘Investigative Hour’ to watch Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Cardboard Box, tonight at 11 pm.
Mean machines

NDTV’s new show, Freewheeling: A Big Dream, takes you into the depths of one of the world's most conservative car makers to show you the various processes of conceiving a new model. On the latest season of Freewheeling, NDTV’s Auto Editor Siddharth Vinayak Patankar brings some of those secrets to light. The show tracks the most difficult to reveal and unearth details of how a new car is made. The car in this case is the Etios, an ambitious project of Toyota, soon to be seen on Indian roads. The show brings to you the deepest details, the most complex research, and the intricate layers of how the new car is planned, designed and then built. So, how will this work? What goes into the making of such a car? And will it work in markets outside India too? For answers to these and many more questions, and lots more, watch Freewheeling: A Big Dream, on NDTV Profit, every Saturday at 7.30 pm