Nithya's aides dare Lenin for narco test

Nithyananda’s close aides, Nithya Bhaktananda and Nithya Sachidananda have dared Lenin to undergo narco-analysis test along with them.

In a press release from Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, they said: “We are open to prove our statements and challenge the so-called ‘victims’ to prove their claims.”

Lenin on Friday had said that he was offered Rs 20 crore to withdraw the complaint against Nithyananda. But the devotees rubbished his charges and said “media can do a narco test” on them and on those who accused Nithyananda. When asked if Nithyananda would undergo a narco test, they blurted out: “He (Nithyananda) is beyond all this and it is inhuman and insensitive to even talk about it.”

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