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Litanies of Dutch Battery
N S Madhavan
Penguin, 2010, pp 312, Rs 350

This is a deeply political novel, the story of a newly independent India. It is set against a fantastical social landscape, and told with exquisite humour.

It can’t be you
Prem Rao
Cedar Books, 2010, pp 188, Rs 175

When Colonel Belliappa, a war hero, dies at his home, the mystery around his death is unveiled in this thrilling novel.

The great unknown
Penguin, 2010, pp 267, Rs 350

This is the moving story of Sankar who meets many people in the courtrooms  of Old Post Office Street and takes a look into their unfulfilled dreams, tragedy and hope.

The mysterious E-mail
Anirban Basu
Rupa & Co, 2010, pp 146, Rs 195

A thrilling story about the kidnapping of a business magnate who receives a mysterious email.

Once upon a time in Scandinavistan
Zac O’Yeah
Hachette, 2010, pp 402, Rs 395

A crime novel set in futuristic Europe after it has been colonised by India.

Unbound: Indian Women@ Work
Gita Aravamudan
Penguin, 2010, pp 214, Rs 250

This book explores the brave new world of today’s women professionals through a series of interviews where women have been juggling work and home.

Surviving the storm
India and the Global Financial crisis
Edited by Dhiraj Nayyar
Penguin, 2010, pp 188, Rs 499

This is the story of India’s remarkable resilience through the period of economic crisis. The diversity of opinions presented in this book will generate critical debates.

East of the sun
Siddhartha Sarma
Tranquebar, 2010, pp 249,Rs  295

Peppered with anecdotes, accounts from history and about the people of North East India and western Myanmar, this is not a tourist guide but the story of a traveller.

New Understanding of Indian Society
Encounters of Sociology
S R Mehta
IIAS, 2010, pp 658, Rs 995

This book is an attempt to analyse changes and understand the parameters that may affect development of a society.

State of India’s Livelihoods report 2010
Datta and Sharma
Sage, 2010, pp 127, Rs 795

A sensitive report on the trends and issues of the livelihoods sector in rural India.  

Sense, Sensex and Sentiments
The failure of India’s Sentinels
M R Venkatesh
Knowledge World, 2010, pp 336, Rs 595

This book explores the unrelated aspects that  drive global as well as Indian economies that allow the proliferation of tax havens and corruption.

An appeal to reason
A cool look at Global Warming
Nigel Lawson
Harper Collins, 2010, pp 166, Rs 299

A fresh look at global warming without discounting the importance of the subject.