Sun Kingdom lifts 2000 Guineas

Sun Kingdom lifts 2000 Guineas

Bangalore race results

Irfan Ghatala-schooled Sun Kingdom, at the hands of Suraj Narredu, showed his class by clinching the HDIL Bangalore 2000 Guineas (Grade II) over a mile, the plum event of Saturday’s races.

The race began with The Darling Boy (Md Shoaib up) jumping into a big lead with second favourite Magisterial, ridden by A Imran Khan, and Silvester de Sousa-steered Braavo in second and third about eight lengths behind. The race bore the same pattern till the straight, when Braavo and CD Hayes-steered Aprillia took up the running.

Braavo looked to have the upper hand and jumped into the sole lead, and looked to be headed for a win with Sun Kingdom bogged down in traffic. But with little over a furlong to go, Sun Kingdom found some space and put in a brilliant burst of speed to ease pastand win the race by a length. 

1. Beginners Plate -- 1100M: Aidan (D Khaitan rep Soom Stud Farm Pvt Ltd’s) C Alford 1; Magnitude (A Imran K) 2; Rhythmic Dancer (B Sreekanth) 3; Severstahl (Vinod Shinde) 4; WB: 8, 1-3/4, 3-3/4L; T: 1:07.16; Tote: Rs 15w, Rs 11, Rs 14, Rs 21p; TB: D Byramji; Fav: Aidan; Fc: Rs 25; Q: Rs 23; SHP: Rs 26; Tri: Rs 79 and Rs 64.
2. Parfait Amour Plate (Div II) -- 1400M: Sunstorm (Rakesh Kumar Wadhawan & Prem Tharani rep Wadhawan Livestock Pvt Ltd’s) Suraj Narredu 1; Better Than Best (Md Shoaib) 2; Bon Giorno (N Rajesh) 3; Not Not Seven (R Bharath) 4; WB: 7-1/2, 7-1/2, 3/4L; T: 1:28.50; Tote: Rs 13w, Rs 11, Rs 40, Rs 95p; TB: I Ghatala; Fav: Sunstorm; Fc: Rs 472; Q: Rs 504; SHP: Rs 254; Tri: Rs 3,454 and Rs 1,382.
3. J Tyrrell Memorial Plate -- 1400M: Attractor (Mritunjay Sharan Thakur’s) Gopal Rao 1; Kripa (N Rajesh) 2; Supreme Arch (R Marshall) 3; Kickingking (B Sreekanth) 4; WB: Sh, 1-3/4, 2L; T: 1:29.27; Tote: Rs 64w, Rs 18, Rs 15, Rs 14p; TB: JS Pillay; Fav: Supreme Arch; Fc: Rs 379; Q: Rs 96; SHP: Rs 43; Tri: Rs 366 and Rs 154.
4. Premium Spirit Plate (Div II) -- 1200M: Man Down Under (JS Dhariwal, Mrs Sujatha Prabhu, Estate of Late Ravada Vijay Kumar & R Vijay Kumar Rao’s) Vinod Shinde 1; Good Gift (Noornabi) 2; Allegro (Vivek) 3; Showers Of Luck (Shahbuddin) 4; WB: Nk, 1, 1-1/2L; T: 1:16.75; Tote: Rs 55w, Rs 19, Rs 150, Rs 19p; TB: Dhariwal; Fav: Walter; Fc: Rs 3,609; Q: Rs 1,256; SHP: Rs 595; Tri: Rs 3,913 and Rs 1,467; Exp: Rs 19,512.
5. Parfait Amour Plate (Div I) -- 1400M: Senor Speedy (Dr & Mrs Vijay Mallya rep Utd Rac & B’stk Breeders Ltd’s) CD Hayes 1; Fame And Glory (Appu) 2; Shahizaar (B Paswan) 3; Alexander Helios (Suraj Narredu) 4; WB: Hd, 3, 1L; T: 1:29.02; Tote: Rs 22w, Rs 13, Rs 21, Rs 19p; TB: S Attaollahi; Fav: Senor Speedy; Fc: Rs 96; Q: Rs 79; SHP: Rs 67; Tri: Rs 378 and Rs 174.
6. Galloping Acres Stud Plate -- 1800M: Cavalry Charge (Dr & Mrs Vijay Mallya rep Utd Rac & B’stk Breeders Ltd’s) CD Hayes 1; Lush Lashes (S John) 2; Sunspirit (Suraj Narredu) 3; The Last Samurai (N Rajesh) 4; Not run: Camelot; WB: 1, 4-1/4L, Nk; T: 1:53.76; Tote: Rs 59w, Rs 18, Rs 24, Rs 16p; TB: S Attaollahi; Fav: Sunspirit; Fc: Rs 347; Q: Rs 221; SHP: Rs 76; Tri: Rs 555 and Rs 274; Exp: Rs 12,940 and Rs 10,299.
7. Racing Patrons Trophy -- 1400M: Cruising (Zaheer F Rattonsey rep Aleppo B’stk Pvt Ltd & ZK Dhunjibhoy, JS Dhariwal & Mathand Singh Mahindra’s) S de Sousa 1; Firezone (Faraz Waheed) 2; Soberano (N Rajesh) 3; Lads Gladiator (Gautam Raj) 4; WB: 4-1/2, 1-1/4, 4-1/4L; T: 1:26.07; Tote: Rs 19w, Rs 13, Rs 87, Rs 21p; TB: Dhariwal; Fav: Cruising; Fc: Rs 385; Q: Rs 291; SHP: Rs 273; Tri: Rs 1,099 and Rs 405.
8. HDIL Bangalore 2000 Guineas (Grade II) -- 1600M: Sun Kingdom (Rakesh Kumar Wadhawan & Prem Tharani rep Wadhawan Livestock Pvt Ltd’s) Suraj Narredu 1; Braavo (S de Sousa) 2; Aprillia (CD Hayes) 3; Deep Blue Sky (Appu) 4; WB: 1, 2, 5-1/2L; T: 1:38.90; Tote: Rs 16w, Rs 11, Rs 34, Rs 16p; TB: I Ghatala; Fav: Sun Kingdom; Fc: Rs 124; Q: Rs 91; SHP: Rs 112; Tri: Rs 189 and Rs 82; Exp: Rs 2,913 and Rs 1,772.
9. Premium Spirit Plate (Div I) -- 1200M: Enduring Speed (Sanjay’s) PS Chouhan 1; Sound Bet (Shahbuddin) 2; Trillion Win (VR de Sousa) 3; Amiable Lady (Appu) 4; WB: 1-3/4, 3/4L, Nk; T: 1:16.33; Tote: Rs 41w, Rs 16, Rs 81, Rs 18p; TB: Dominic; Fav: Enduring Speed; Fc: Rs 403; Q: Rs 263; SHP: Rs 251; Tri: Rs 1,480 and Rs 534; Exp: Rs 13,615 and Rs 3,142.
Jackpot: Rs 662 (852). Runners: Rs 88 (2,758). Mini-jackpot: Rs 1,045 (32). I treble: Rs 329 (75). II treble: Rs 101 (826). Exp: Rs 91,056 (c/o).