Participative vigilance need of hour: Vigilance Commissioner

"If the bane of corruption has to wiped out in this era, we have to move from punitive and preventive vigilance to pro-active, predictive and above all participative vigilance", he said inaugurating a two-day workshop on "Discipline and Vigilance Administration in Public Sector Banks".

Widespread corruption cannot by rooted out by "just by 300 people sitting in the CVC but each and every citizen of the country who must contribute towards building a TEAM India where T stands for technology and transparency, E for efficiency and empowerment, A for audit trail and accountability and M for metrics measurement and mutual cooperation," he said.

He said the recently-launched "Vig-Eye", a user-friendly platform for citizens to complain against corrupt officials by an SMS, was aimed at participative vigilance and would be able to reach 50 million people in the country.

VigEye website had received 7,000 hits and 800 registrations since its launch on December 9, he said, adding, he as one of the VCs had received 50-60 complaints.

"We have a small BPO set up for the Vig-Eye at the moment and will expand it as we see the statistics rising", he said.

The CBI probe into the 2G spectrum scam will be completed by February 2011, he said without elaborating further.

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