More sporty and powerful

More sporty and powerful


More sporty and powerful

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Bangalore's GenNext spends whopping sums of money on buying the luxurious cars.

 They do everything to make their cars look swankier and snazzy. From remodelling the interiors to repainting the cars, youngsters do everything to tailor the cars and ensure that they meet their tastes. Anything from Rs one lakh to Rs 10 lakh is spent on remodelling a car and to make its interiors posh.

Metrolife spoke to a few youngsters who have done up  the interiors of their cars and found out that they did it out of   sheer passion.

And what’s more, they all seem to have specific tastes and know exactly what they want to spend their money on.

The exterior of the car is usually repainted to make it look sporty and perhaps a wee bit freakier.

The headlights are funkier and the wheels are changed to match the exteriors. And the interiors undergo a complete makeover.

The music system is complete with LCD screens. And most of them have play stations. The upholstery always has a leather finish to it and various gadgets are fixed to enhance the performance of the vehicle. A lot of importance is laid on accent lighting and the air condition console.

Babu’s craze for cars knows no end. He first bought himself a Nissan which he modified to suit his tastes.

Now Babu owns a BMW for which he has spent nothing less than Rs eight lakh in sprucing up its interiors and exteriors.

BabuBabu says he modifies every car he buys. “I have very specific tastes when it comes to cars and how they must look. I insist that my cars look sporty and powerful.”

The car’s music system alone cost him Rs five lakh. It comes with LCD screens and a play station. He has modified the upholstery also.

“I have changed the engine of the car to make it more powerful. The real power of the car is visible only on long drives. You can’t drive too fast in the City but at least you can flaunt your posh car,” explains Babu. Additional headlights have been fixed to spice up the overall feel of the car.

Ehraz Ahmed, a businessman, too is passionate about  his cars. Ehraz has installed a play station in it.

There are two LCD screens at the back and one in front. Ehraz’s car has a smaller steering wheel, an RPM meter (indicating speed), auto meter boost gauge that help you ascertain the pressure in the motor, and the exterior painted streaks of black and white.
“I first modified a Zen and now I have a Honda City which I have completely redone. All modifications accelerate performance and it’s always a pleasure to drive something that stands out from the rest,” says Ehraz who has spent about Rs 10 lakh.

The interiors of a car with LCD screens.Satyajit Dutt of EVO, which is into the business of modifying cars, says that he has been redoing four to five cars a week. Satyajit says that a lot of emphasis is laid on the interiors of the car.

There’s a separate package  for accent lighting.

“Most people who come to me prefer a racy look for their cars. It’s the sporty feel which inspires them to redo their cars. It takes nothing less than two weeks to install a play station. It’s a very labour-intensive job,” avers Satyajit.

He says modifications are popularly carried out on a Honda City, Swift, Skoda, Octavia and a Baleno.