'Identity crisis' dogs JD(S) entrants

Srinivasa Gowda

The declaration of Srinivasa Gowda to shift his loyalty from the Congress has caused a flutter among JD(S) workers.

Gowda’s statement to ‘return to his old house’ has been frowned upon by the old horses in the JD(S), particularly during the election eve. The tussle over leadership in JD(S) had died down once Gowda joined the Congress.

His home-coming declaration has not brought any cheers to leaders who strove to strengthen JD(S) after Gowda’s departure. They have expressed their apprehension in the form a request that they should not be neglected once Gowda comes back.

They were more vocal in the meeting held on Saturday.


The workers at the grassroots level too are facing a piquant situation. They are worried about their stature in the ‘home’ of their leader.

Notwithstanding the statements that Gowda would bring strength to the JD(S), it may not be a easy return for him also. Despite his claims of ‘the leader of the old Janata parivar’, he too may have to surmount challenges on his identity and acceptance.

The xenophobia would come to the fore more during issue of tickets to taluk and zilla panchayat elections.

Important factor

Thus the ‘expulsion’ of Srinivasa Gowda from Congress and induction into the JD(S) have become a challenge and a comforting factor for the latter.

The surprising factor is that more Congressman strongly believe that Gowda would strengthen JD(S) than the JD(S) workers.

It is yet to be seen whether Gowda would give a direction to the JD(S) and succeeds in winning over the party cadres.

Weak organisation

The BJP, despite having its government in the state, suffers from poor organisation in the district. District in-charge minister A Narayanaswamy has the formidable challenge of ensuring victory for the ruling party, given the disenchantment that has crept into the district unit after change of guard.

While there are overwhelming number of ticket aspirants, the party has not fared well in the earlier local body polls. There are neither any indication of any support by R Varthur Prakash, who turned saviour for the state government surviving on wafer-thin majority.
The voters, as usual, are in quandary so far as their choice is concerned.

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