ATM dishes out a crorepati

ATM dishes out a crorepati

ATM dishes out a crorepati

The bank statement shows a huge balance. DH photoIn a dream-come-true saga, the middle-class citizen became richer by Rs 1.06 crore in just 15 seconds, courtesy his bank.

After running out of cash, this “lucky guy” walked to the State Bank of India (SBI) ATM on MG Road between 5:30 pm and 5:43 pm.

As the receipt jutted out of the machine’s slot, he virtually froze on seeing the balance left in his account. From Rs 1.20 lakh on Friday, his balance shot up to Rs 1,07,69,397.

He said in a lighter vein: “It gave me the shock of my life with a million things going on in my head from building my dream house to purchasing a car. But then the puzzle shot through the mind: How did I get such a grand sum?”

However, his new-found prosperity could be shortlived.

A former employee of State Bank of Mysore explains: “It is a mistake. Although such errors are a concern, these are understandable.  The money will be recovered. Generally any amount which is credited to an account is first passed by the cashier and then by a senior head in the branch.

“Perhaps, the strain of continuous staring at the computer or distraction by the cashier and the verifying manager might have resulted in the addition of the money.

“Or a mix up in the last digits of the account numbers could have shown the wrong figures on the slip.” In such cases, the possibility of rectifying the mistakes is certain. Moreover, in the current format, every passbook is supposed to carry a rider stating there is an equal liability upon the customer to verify the amount in his account.
However, till the error is rectified, the crorepati can build castles in the air.