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Pleasing Veena

Manjulekha Warrier

The Vijaya College of Music conducted a special programme last week to pay homage to Prof H V Krishnamurthy (1926-2009), on the eve of his first death anniversary. Prof HVK was a senior violinist and an able teacher, who trained a number of students in violin, vocal, veena and flute.

One of his students, A Ashwin is a part of ‘Bangalore instrumental trio’. He learnt veena under H V Krishnamurthy for more than a decade and is now receiving guidance from R Vedavalli, a senior musician. He presented a few gems from the treasure chest of Saint Thyagaraja. “Ramaninne” had a graceful delineation giving Ashwin a fine start.
“Chandrajyothi raga krithi” was aesthetically good. His controlled spontaneity and technical assurance had their desired impact in Thodi. It was a sprightly recital. The ragalapana and swaraprasthara were methodical and his control over the instrument is also remarkable. He concluded his recital with Thillana in the raga Dhanashri. Seasoned percussionists Arjun Kumar and G Omkar, accompanied on mridanga and ghata, respectively.

Not fully evocative

It was the turn of Mohiniyattam, this time at the “Every Friday Cultural Evening Programme”. The artiste Manjulekha Warrier, is a disciple of Sridevi Unni. Manjulekha’s sloka and sollukattu were pleasing. The flavour of ‘Navarasas’ remained elusive, though she delineated some of the ‘rasas’ with aplomb. A keerthana of Swathi Tirunal ‘Pari Palaya’ was evocative, followed by a ‘Pada Phanimathi Mukhi Baale” and concluded with a thillana in Dhanashri.

Draped in the traditional white sari and ‘Kondai’, warrier with her expressive eyes, performed with ease and assurance. With some more stage experience and higher training Manjulekha can reach great heights.

Dignified music

Sri Sharada Sangeetha Sabha celebrated Veena Seshanna’s Jayanthi through a music concert on Saturday. ‘Vainika Shikamani’ Seshanna (1852-1926) was a veena player par excellence, an able teacher and a prominent composer of post Tyagaraja period.

Nonagenarian R K Srikantan who gave a vocal concert, was accompanied by H K Venkataram on violin, TAS Mani on mridanga and Ullur Giridhar Udupa on ghata. ‘Pagava’, the familiar Varna, gave him a steady start. In the invocation “Varasiddi Vinayakam Bhajare” itself it was evident that he was in fine fettle. Spacious alap, shared by father (R K Srikantan) and son (R S Ramakantha), followed by the masterpiece “Sri Krishnam Bhajamanasa”, was rich in dignified sangathies. RKS also presented three compositions of Veena Seshanna. “Rama Ninnu”, a keerthana in Ananda Bhairavi, “Sharade varade”, a devaranama in Kalyani and a thillana in Kannada – lending the recital a delightful finale.

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