Man abducted 30 years ago reunited with parents

Wu Jiubing from Chongqing was abducted in 1980 when he was just four years old. His father, Wu Maosheng, worked as a carpenter in Hubei while his mother, Li Shiqun, raised Wu and his sister in their hometown in Chongqing's Yunyang county.

The family's life changed forever when Wang, a fellow villager, offered to take Li and the children to Wu in Hubei. Wang took them to Xiangyang city in Hubei and told Li to leave the children with his friend in the hostel where the family were staying while he took her to see her husband.

His intention was to sell her to somebody in Zhongxiang city, police said. As soon as Li found out what was going on, she escaped back to the hostel, but found that her son was missing. Her daughter, then six years old, was there.

Police were called but Wang would not tell them about the whereabouts of the boy. He disappeared soon after, making further investigation impossible.

Wu and his parents, now both in their 60s, met this weekend at a police station in Xiangyang, Shanghai Daily reported citing the provincial news portal The parents burst into tears when they saw their missing boy again. They hugged hin, crying: "We owe you, son."

The abduction case resurfaced in May as part of an investigation into child trafficking gangs in Hubei. Police went to Wu's hometown and managed to track down Wang, now 58 years old.

Wang told police he had sold the boy to a man, surnamed Tang, at a railway station. Police found that Tang later sold the boy to a woman, surnamed Liu, in Henan province.

Liu then gave the child to one of her relatives who sold him to a colleague. Then, finally, the colleague gave the boy to a relative, police found. When police found him Dec 4, the man, now 75, told them he had adopted a boy years ago and named him Qin Dongsheng.

Alerted by police, Qin Dongsheng took a DNA test which confirmed he was the missing boy - Wu Jiubing.

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