Powerful and poignant


Graceful : Surupa Sen and Bijayini Satpathy.

The dance explored the ancient wisdom, sacred rituals and divine transformation of the human self. It also captured the essence of spirituality and the concept of moksha.

The evening began with Sankirtanam, a prayer in praise of Lord Krishna, where his consort Radha seeks to find the ultimate truth and seeks refuge in Him. It is also a reflection of how the human self seeks the creator at a time of agony and ecstasy to a phase of complete liberation from the materialistic world.

This was followed by Shrimathi, a celebration of a woman and her beauty. The duo complemented each other with their radiant expressions and emotions, depicted through subtle movements. The flexibility and the alluring charisma of the dancers was especially impressive. 

The concluding piece was Vibhaktha, the celebration of duality. This was a composition by Adi Shankaracharya's Ardhanaareeshvara stotram which represents the synthesis of the male and female powers. Surupa Sen delineated both forms with incredible finesse.
Her expressions, conveyed through the eyes and hands depicting Shiva's fierce and wild expressions, were inspiring.

The last piece was commendable because of the aesthetics. There was a perfect coordination between the two dancers though they were not facing each other and it  absorbed the audience completely. 

People, who had come to watch the performance, said that they were treated to some memorable performances, “It was absolutely delightful to see extraordinary talent. I was impressed by the last piece,” said Pavithra, a member of the audience.

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