Migrant remark: PC faces Opposition ire

The home minster later withdrew his statement denying he was not referring to any state, language, religion or race while talking of migration, unauthorised settlements and “unacceptable behaviour” in the city. Defending himself, Chidambaram said he was himself a migrant.

Earlier in the day, Chidambaram had made reference to “migrants” when asked by mediapersons about incidents of rape in Delhi. “Nevertheless crime takes place because Delhi attracts a large number of migrants. There are a large number of unauthorised colonies. And these migrants who settle in city’s north-west colonies carry a kind of behaviour that is unacceptable in any modern city. So crimes do take place,” the home minister said.

The comment attracted ire of Opposition leaders from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, including Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Prasad alleged that home minister was blaming migrants “to hide his own failure” to curb crime in the capital.

Chidambaram had also said steps were being taken to curb crime by setting up more police stations, recruiting policemen and putting more police vehicles on roads.
The home minister, however, issued a clarification, after his comments ran into rough weather, saying he was withdrawing the “whole of his answer” to the question on rape in Delhi to put an end to the controversy.

Chidambaram said when he was asked a question about the recent incidents of rape in Delhi and the alleged failure of the Delhi Police, his reply only had a “matter of fact reference to migration, unauthorised settlements and behaviour that is unacceptable.”

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