Spotlight on talent


This special premiere was intended to showcase the talent of these young film-makers to their family and friends.

The programme commenced with an introduction to the media course, which apart from film-making also focuses on the aspects of print media, radio, television, advertising and photography. The chief guest for the event was Siddhant, a short film-maker. All the five films that were screened dealt with intense and socially relevant issues.

The first film Off the Streets reflected on the never-ending journey of learning through unexpected encounters in life. Roots depicted the story of Jennifer, an orphan, who tries to search for an identity by going back to her roots.

The impact of the movie was highlighted by great performances. The third film The Grimm Tale ‘twisted’ the story of Little Red Riding Hood and brought forth the complexities of love, knowledge and maturity experienced by a young girl. This film spooked the audience with its effects and unlike most movies, had three endings. Elusiv, spoke about the curse of a diamond while portraying man’s greed for money and power. The last film to be screened was The Voiceless Raga. The film did not have any dialogues and dealt with the issues of date rape and drug abuse. The expressions of the actors and the screenplay of the film conveyed its silence beautifully.

Siddhant gave his feedback on each film at the end of the screening. He also gave advice to the students on where they could improve.

Roots and The Grimm Tale were chosen by the chief guest to be screened at an upcoming film festival in Bangalore.

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