Hugh Jackman injured on 'Oprah' show in Australia

Jackman hurt himself while performing a stunt on a flying fox, a heavy-duty wire set with a harness and handle assembly that slides on wheels, when he hits the brakes too late and landed hard, the Hollywood Reporter said.

The 'Wolverine' star was bleeding underneath his right eye after the stunt went wrong. Winfrey suspended the taping to ensure that Jackman received proper medication. The actor later returned for his scheduled interview with the chat show queen. He did the interview sporting an adhesive bandage over the wound and a black eye.

The Sydney Opera House shows are two of four installments of Oprah's final season that will be produced from Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure, an eight-day odyssey that has taken the talk show queen around the southern continent, along with 302 audience members from the US and Australia.

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