Penalty to ease rickshaw pullers' uphill drive

There is no doubt that it is inhuman to keep sitting on the rickshaw while the rickshaw puller climbs the steep slope.

Apparently moved by the plight of cycle rickshaw pullers, the administration in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh town has come out with a novel plan aimed mainly at forcing commuters to be “good human beings.”

The administration has decided to impose a steep fine of Rs 500 on commuters if they continue to sit on the rickshaw when it goes up on a steep incline.

“The idea is to make commuters realise that rickshaw pullers are also human beings and should be treated as such,” Aligarh District Magistrate Ravindra Nayak said.

“Rickshaw pullers are poor people... obviously they cannot ask commuters to get down from the rickshaws in such a situation,” he said. A circular has been issued in this regard, he said. The administration was currently busy in publicising the circular so that the people get to know about it. The local authorities have also plan to put up posters and banners to drive home the message to the residents of the town. The circular will come into effect from February next year.

“To begin with, the fine will be imposed only on the residents of Aligarh town if they are found to be violating the circular. It will not apply to outsiders who visit the town as they may not have any knowledge about the circular,” district officials said. Hundreds of rickshaw pullers of Aligarh will certainly welcome this “humane gesture” if it is implemented honestly.

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