In the world of mystics

In the world of mystics

Sufi Concert

In the world of mystics

 SOULFUL Mohamad FarghalyA confluence of ecstatic performers, Ruhaniyat will bring alive the works of Sufi saints and mystics from India as well as Egypt.

These singers are not just artistes, but also know the secret of blissful existence amidst all kinds of turmoil. Living spiritually in a materialistic world, they transcend the power through their total surrender to the divine and are drenched with eternal love for all beings.

The concert programme will include Sufiana Kalam and mystic songs by Barkat Siddhu and group from Punjab, Kachra Khan and group from Rajasthan, Baul songs by Parvathy Baul from West Bengal, Sufi Qawwali by Hifzurrehman Hakimi and group from Kota and Arabic Sufi songs by Sheikh Abdel Hamid Alsharif and Mohamad Farghaly and group from Egypt. 

Mohamad Farghaly, one of the prime musicians, who is taking part in the event for the sixth time explains, “I come here to share my Arabic music and I find that the audience here has an ear for classical music.”

 “Unlike Western music, our music is melodious and made for singing and chanting,” he adds. Farghaly himself plays the traditional Arabic instrument, the oud and is the leader of the group. The concert also includes Sheikh Abdel Hamid Alsharif, who is one the most beloved Sufi singers in Egypt and has been singing for over 25 years now.

COLOURFUL Tannoura dancer from Egypt.This year the show will also include two Tannoura dancers, also known as Whirling Dervishes who connect with the divine while dancing and also send out blessings to everyone.

The tradition of Tannoura dance in Egypt draws from an almost 800 year old philosophy of spiritualism. The Tannoura dancers wear long vividly coloured clothes which swirl around when they dance. “Each colour on the skirt represents one Sufi order and the people have appreciated the performances a lot earlier in Delhi and Mumbai,” says Mohamad Farghaly.

The concert will be held on December 18, at Jayamahal Palace Lawns at 6.30 pm.