Dolling up the tree

Dolling up the tree


Dolling up the tree

EXCITED Families checking out Christmas hangings.

Christmas is here again. And along with it comes the season of Christmas trees, buntings, bells, cakes, wine, cookies, mistletoe, and the cuddly Santa Claus. And, of course, a time when Christmas carols rent the air.

Christmas decorations too are an integral part of Christmas. Shops, both big and small, across the City are stocked with Christmas decorations as early as the first week of December and the competition is at its best with each store hanging up something new, innovative and attractive.

From the eco-friendly decorations to the downright commercial ones, Christmas decorations are a rage in most homes.

The tree is weighed down with tiny stars, bells, mistletoe, Santa Claus and the crib
complete with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the three kings neatly placed in a thatched structure.

Metrolife spoke to a few people who put up decorations as early as the first week of December. Some even make their own star and decorations too, others prefer to pick up what’s available in the stores.

 Adrian Dass and his wife Andrea say that the tradition of decorations during Christmas existed in their families, probably even before they were born and now they have taken it upon themselves to keep the family tradition going.

“Two absolute musts during the season are the star, which has to go up on the night of November 30. And we do not buy a star from the market, but rather as per tradition make a star out of bamboo and affix coloured kite paper on it. It invariably turns out to be a multi-coloured star, using five colours namely red, yellow, green, orange and white,” explains Adrian. He says in addition to the tree he also makes lanterns from bamboo. “The lanterns, the second must, are made using specific colours of green, yellow blue and red. The lanterns however are papered with coloured cellophane paper,” he adds.  

FESTIVE Readymade cribs have flooded the market.Most other decorations such as candles with holly leaves, bells, Santa’s sock stuffed with gifts and candy bars which is cut out of thermocol, go up before December 10.

The scene is no different with Anju Vinay and her family. Anju thinks Christmas brings the family together which is almost impossible at other times.

“We decorate our home with streamers and other ornamental stuff, put up the tree and make a crib, depicting the nativity. The young ones are at their creative best, especially at making innovative decorations,” explains Anju. 

 There’s visible excitement among the shopkeepers in the City to offer the best decorations at competitive prices. Antony brings his decorations from Taiwan and puts up stalls at Safina Plaza every year.

He has Christmas trees that are 4ft to 20ft in height. The white tree is an addition this year.

“We have 25 to 30 bells in different shapes and sizes, beads come in five or six colours, cribs too have five or six varieties some in glass, ceramic and plastic,” explains Antony. The prices range from Rs 20 to Rs 5,000.