Narrating a tale...

Narrating a tale...

In this latest series, Raghava tells the haunting tale of disconnection between humankind and nature, and people and animals, as urban ecosystems lose sight of the natural wilderness.

In this series, Raghava explores our dying relationship with animals and nature with dream-like paintings that mesh together urban symbols, anthropomorphic beings and whimsical caricatures.

 Using surreal imagery and childlike scrawls, Raghava paints a vivid picture of the nature deficit that pervades our post-modern world.

The Last Child in the Woods also questions contemporary culture’s tendency to value the over-civilised. Dismissing the token presence of the animal kingdom through pets and potted plants, Raghava believes that this urbane way of compensating for the absence of the natural world has further commoditised our relationship with it.

The Last Child in the Woods touches an inner chord that we often choose not to hear.