False Nut Meg

False Nut Meg

False Nut Meg. The stem of the tree is covered with lateral branches making it look ornamental. It flowers and bears fruits from November to March. The plant gives a yellow aril called ‘pathre’ in Kannada and local language.

‘Jaayi Kayi’ or Nut Meg is different from Rampathre. Jaayi Kayi was an exotic plant brought to India from West Indies. Since Nut Meg is expensive, False Nut Meg or Wild Mace is collected and aril of this is mixed with nut meg illegally.

However, Rampathre is used for natural colours. It is an effecrive medicine for indigestion and ulcers. False Nut Meg is endemic to western ghats and is considered as one of the threatened variety of plant.

Rampathre is known as Kaanaje in Tulu and Kaattukaattika in Malayalam. It is scientifically known as ‘Myristica Malabarica’ and belongs to Myristicaceae family.

Dinesh Nayak M
Advisor (Green Belt) MSEZ